“Under Singapore jurisdiction, other than submission of an Independent Auditor’s Report, companies are required to submit Director’s Report as part of their annual filing requirements. Both reports are part of a system of checks and balances to ensure sound financial practices, and in turn, enhance investors’ confidence and uphold shareholders’ interest.” 

Annual Director’s Report in Singapore

Directors of the companies are responsible for preparing the Directors’ report and financial statement of their business in accordance with the Singapore Company Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standard (FRS). The director report and financial statement must give fair and true view of the financial health of the company.  It acts as an important communication tool between the company and the various stakeholders such as creditors, investors, government bodies, etc.  A director’s report thus can enhance investors’ confidence and uphold shareholders’ interest in a business.

Preparation of director report can be tricky and challenging task which requires extremely experienced and up-to-date accounting knowledge professional Chartered Accountant to prepare. 

What Aspire Accounting Services can help a company to prepare a best and presentable director’s report?

We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to help the director of the companies prepare a director’s report to compliant with the regulatory requirements. Our professional staff begins with selection of suitable accounting policies and completes with delivering an error free, presentable and complied directors’ report.

Reasons to consider outsource director’s report

  • Too much work to add on existing duty of in-house accountants
  • May not have the expertise to prepare the director’s report
  • Independent issue, auditor may not allow to prepare the director’s report

Whatever the reasons, Aspire Accounting Services can assist you to prepare the audited financial statement and directors’ report for submission to your auditor.

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