“Should you need any assistance of accounting services in Singapore, come to Aspire Accounting Services.  We will provide you with dedicated, professional, integrity, reliable and efficiency Singapore accounting services, which is our commitment.  We serve business with both MNCs and SMEs.”

Specialized in SME Accounting Services in Singapore

Aspire Accounting Services is specialized in providing professional Singapore accounting services to both SMEs and MNCs.   We target from basic to complex requirements of accounting services for business in Singapore, in compliance with the Singapore Companies Act and Singapore Financial Reporting Standards.  Aspire Accounting Services is primarily rendering bookkeeping, Singapore accounting and other related business services. Our Singapore Accounting services are accommodated to all business sizes and industrial segments, including small and medium enterprises to big, local, regional and multi-national corporations.

We have designed and customized the accounting services for the small and medium enterprises, so that they could get the maximum benefit from our services.  The range of SME accounting services that we offer include well organized bookkeeping service which is based on the need of each individual SME in Singapore.  We offer our services by according to the business need and nature which include managing the accounting software, developing the charts of accounts based on the type of company and industries, and the data entry services. 

Below is an overview accounting cycle of our Singapore accounting services which we provide.


 Our comprehensive accounting services include but not limited to:

What kind of accounting services is included?

Aspire Accounting Services, will take the responsibility of posting the accounts for your company, which will then take the responsibility of generating monthly reports and giving you necessary advice on monthly profit and loss accounts, cash flow, and balance sheet at the end of every month.  At the year end, our accountant who is assigned will close your books and generate year end closing financial statements with respective schedules. In additional, we can liaise with your auditor for submission of audit schedules, should you required this service.

We usually charge a flat rate per month for accounting services offered, while other firms offering accounting or bookkeeping services will charge as per transactions done and time spent on monthly basis.  Other than monthly accounting services, we can also provide quarterly, by-yearly and yearly accounting services to cater different needs of business and clients.  On top of these accounting services, should your company is GST registered, we can provide Good and Service Tax (GST) reporting service as well.

All Singapore incorporated companies must keep proper accounts according to Singapore Companies Act and the Financial Reporting Standards of Singapore.  Good accounting and bookkeeping not only facilitates day-to-day accounts maintenance and drafting of financial statements but it also provides insight for sound business decision making as well as financial management.  SME owners may not able to manage payroll taxes and income taxes by themselves.  For the comprehensive range of accounting services, it becomes extremely important for SMEs to take these services from expert and dedicated professional, which our company, Aspire Accounting Services, will be able to assist you. 

Why SMEs and Big MNCs are Preferred to Have Accounting Services in Singapore?

Singapore accounting services are common with SME owners.  This is due to the owners are required to be multi-task for managing of their company and meeting different authority requirements.  Getting time to maintain the books of account for their business may not be possible for them, especially they need more time to focus on company growth and strategic planning. Accounting services firm, like Aspire, that delivers services in accounting for small business, become a helping hand for these owners to share their burden.   Whereas, there are big companies which can afford to have their own accounting departments.  They, however, prefer to outsource their non-core functions (i.e. accounting, payroll and taxation etc) to a professional and trusted accounting services firm in Singapore, so that they can concentrate on their core business and activities.  In whatever the situation, we can assist on as it is our core activity of accounting services in Singapore

Please come to contact us.  We will explain you in details of our services in accounting for small business and how we can match & suit your needs.  We will be your trusted and professional business partners for accounting in Singapore.  Our activities related to accounting Singapore are compliant with the regulatory framework of the authority and governing bodies. 

Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting Services Singapore: 

  • Outsourcing - Frees Up Your Time:

    • No more hassle spending time on staff recruitment and training
    • Sparing more time on your company strategy development and business
    • Focusing more on your other business activities and your core business values
  • Outsourcing - Saves Your Money:

    • No need to buy any accounting / payroll software, as well as pay software maintenance costs
    • No need to pay staff salaries, Central Provident Fund (CPF) and other staff benefits including annual leave, sick and casual leave and performance bonuses etc.
    • Save for staff recruitment and training fees
  • Outsourcing - Gets Service by Experienced Accountants:

    • Service by professional trained and qualified certified accountants, CPA
    • No more headache when staff leave your firm, whom may lead your firm suffer an interruption of work and job flow
    • No need to worry your staff job performing is incompetent and not up to date with the latest rules and regulations
    • Enjoy peace of mind by taking outsource accounting services from us

Please feel free to contact us at +65 9227 3989 or drop us an email at enquiry@aspireaccounting.com.sg